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We can often expect God to communicate His presence in very grand ways: a burning bush, parting sea, or pillar of cloud. But more times than not, God chooses the simple, quiet, and seemingly ordinary moments of daily life to communicate His love. Chosen, a Region Catholic Production, spends time each week reflecting on the ways God shows us his love and how to best respond.

Bonus Episode: Christ in the City Chosen

The call to serve the poor is one that comes directly from Jesus himself.  Those who are missionaries with Christ in the City have answered that call in a very unique and real way.  While working in Michigan City, IN this summer, Fr. Jacob and Adam got to spend some time with two of those people, hear their stories, and learn more about this unique ministry to the poor.  Learn to see the homeless in a new way and get some ideas on how to truly "encounter" everyone you meet. Click here for a brief explanation of Christ in the City. Click here for their website. — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/region-catholic-chosen/support
  1. Bonus Episode: Christ in the City
  2. Christ-like Leadership: Interview with Bishop McClory
  3. Church Authority: Says Who?
  4. The Faith on the Frontlines (with Jaycob Knazur)
  5. Catholic Pursuit of Truth

Many priests know their flock well. But how often do their people get to know them?

Listen as we explore the back story several guest priests and their own story to ministry, their ongoing parish life, and what the future holds for working in the vineyard of the Lord. Plus, hear some great stories and enjoy the laughs along the way.

Fr. Dave Kime and Fr. Jim Wozniak Project John 10:14

Fr. Dave Kime has recently moved to Queen of All Saints in Michigan City, IN where is the pastor.  Fr. Jim Wozniak is the pastor of St. Matthias in Crown Point, IN.  Both Fr. Jim and Fr. Dave met each other in the seminary, and have agreed they are two very different people, yet their friendship has grown and flourished during their years of ministry in the Diocese of Gary. https://www.stmatthiasparish.net/ https://www.qas.org/
  1. Fr. Dave Kime and Fr. Jim Wozniak
  2. Fr. Chris Stanish and Fr. Nate Edquist
  3. Fr. Marty Dobrzynski and Fr. Peter Muha
  4. Getting Started: Get to Know Your Shepherds

Classes, preaching, and reflections from Fr. Jacob and several other contributors.

Catholic Funerals: Traditions, Customs, & What to Expect Get Holy or Die Trying

Going to a Catholic funeral, whether it is the vigil, mass, or burial can be intimating if you don't know what to do or what to expect.  Listen to this brief outline of Catholic traditions, the customs of many Catholics during funerals, and also a preview of what you will see and hear.  Take a listen, share with a friend, and take a listen for what you will see at Catholic funeral services.
  1. Catholic Funerals: Traditions, Customs, & What to Expect
  2. 3 Myths of Purgatory
  3. Use Your Gifts!
  4. A Generous Heart
  5. The Real 'F' Word, Part 2: Forgiveness